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If you plan to visit the United States for a limited time, you will probably need some type of non-immigrant visas. The DS-160 Visa Application is used to apply for the following types of non-immigrant visas:

  • B-1 Business Visitor Visa
  • B-2 Tourist Visitor Visa
  • F Student Visa
  • K-1 Fiancé Visa – allows entry in order to marry a U.S. citizen fiancé

US Non-Immigrant Visa Applications

Completing the DS-160 Online Non-Immigrant Visa Application formis not as simple as you might think. You will need to answer a number of questions about yourself and your planned visit to the United States. It is important that you give the right answers because the information that you supply will be used to decide whether you are eligible for a visa to enter the United States, together with the answers that you give when you are invited to attend an interview at your local US consular office.

Visa USA Now has experts ready to help you with your DS-160 Visa Application. We will guide you through the questions and also prepare you for your consular interview. By completing the form correctly with our assistance, you are more likely to have your visa application approved quickly and efficiently.

Requirements for DS-160 Visa Application

The DS-160 visa application team at Visa USA Nowwill help you complete the online application form. We will talk you through the questions on the telephone and we will complete the form on your behalf. The questions must be answered in English – we can help you to compose your answers if you are not a confident English speaker.

You will need to have a digital photograph of yourself – we can advise you on the very specific requirements and how to submit this photo with your application.

Before we work with you on your US visa application, you will need to have certain documents ready,so that you have the correct information on hand to answer the questions on the form. You will need:

  • Your passport
  • Details of your travel plans, including dates and addresses of the places where you plan to stay.
  • Dates and details of past visits to the United States.

If you are applying for a Student Visa (F), you will also need to know your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System ID number, supplied by your own school or program, and the name and address of the U.S. school where you will be studying.

Visitor Visa Application Process

Before you apply for a US Visitor Visa using the DS-160 online application process, you will want to know what questions you will be asked and prepare your answers. If you have any questions at any time during the process, you can ask our experts and they will advise you on all the practical and legal aspects of your application. That way you reduce the risk of giving the wrong answer and having your visa application refused.

At Visa USA Now we will help you to complete the DS-160 online form and submit it on your behalf. We will send you the confirmation page so that you can print a copy to take with you to your consular interview.

Our advisors will help you arrange your interview at the United States consulate or embassy nearest you. We will help you find the nearest place and check their requirements for scheduling your interview. We will also walkyou through the questions that they will ask you, and help you prepare your answers, which should match the information that you have submitted on the visa application form.

We will also advise you on how to pay the visa application processing fee, which depends on the local consular office through which you are applying. Before you spend money on your US visitor visa application, you will want to make sure that you have completed your DS-160 application form correctly. That’s why you need Visa USA Now to support you through the application process.

Trust the experts at Visa USA Now to help you apply for and receive the non-immigrant visitor visa that you need for your trip to the US. Contact us today.